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How politics can change people: The Oshiomole’s story

By Abel Udoekene

“‘Go and die’ he pushed and shouted at a poor old Widow, he did that as a governor, not as a Comrade. As a comrade, he would have stopped and chatted with the woman, exchange pleasantries and perhaps made her smile.” – Emeka Nwabughiogu (January 13, 2018).

“The Adams Oshiomole we knew before he jumped into the murky water of politics was a man who demonstrated a thorough understanding of the collective yearnings of the Nigerian people, he was a voice, the hope of so many Nigerian, but the one we now have is just working for his pocket, he is a lame dog who can’t even bark” –  Victor Asadu (April 25, 2018)


Weep for Nigeria! who will rescue the country from the ‘Evil’ called politics? We have men in the past we thought can speak for the country but politics have claimed them, now Nigeria is naked, trampled upon by these evil called ‘POLITICS’ Mr. Adams Oshiomole a very outspoken comrade and a very lame governor is a clear example of how politics can change people.

I watched Mr. Oshiomole stood his ground against the almighty Obasanjo during his days as the NLC president, then, it was for unpaid salaries, unemployment, good working conditions etc. I watched him matched against Goodluck Jonathan, but today, there is mass killings, slaughtering of children, men, women, blood is flowing everywhere Mr. Oshiomole is quite subtly and overtly prodding his loyalist to push for the position of APC National chairman, oh what politics could do to a man!

Sometimes ago in Edo state when he was the governor, he received president Buhari and said he is proud to have a president that cannot be accused of corruption but we saw the plotting of the return of a corrupt fugitive Mr. Maina into government by his proud incorruptible president, Oshiomole did not not only kept quiet, but he became lame and very hungry for power,  oh what politics could do to a man!

Mr. Maina was accused of siphoning millions of pensioners funds rendering them poor and helpless, if it was when Mr. Oshiomole did not jump into the murky water of politics he would have stood up to speak for the powerless pensioners, but things have changed, politics have claimed our dear comrade, he no longer speak for the masses again, oh what politics could do to a man!

Mr. Maina was quietly escorted out of the country to enjoy his loots after much noise from the opposition while Mr. Oshiomole was smiling and dining with his proud ‘incorruptible president’ and warming up for the APC national chairman, oh what politics could do to a man!

Cases of Fulani herdsmen slaughter was reported in Edo state, the very state he claimed to love yet he kept quiet, oh what politics could do to a man!

Tomorrow when the party caucus forced him on the party as the national chairman of APC you will see Oshiomole start firing all kinds of missiles to the opposition parties, abusing and claiming to care for Nigerians when all he cares for, is his pocket, oh what politics could do to a man!

Abel Udoekene is the editor of Nigeria Today and a public affairs analyst

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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