Be careful of hackers, Facebook is no longer safe, IT experts warns

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Be careful of hackers, Facebook is no longer safe, IT experts warns
Be careful of hackers, Facebook is no longer safe, IT experts warns

Some ICT stakeholders in Abuja on Friday called on Facebook users to learn how to secure their accounts from possible intrusions.

The stakeholders made the call against the backdrop of revelation that millions of users’ personal information was obtained from Facebook by Cambridge Analytica, a political-consultancy that used the information in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

Latest estimates of affected users are up to 87 million.

The Founder of Facebook, Mr Mark Zuckberberg, who was interrogated by the U.S. Senate, admitted that the organisation needed to have a more secured platform to forestall further exposure of data to the public.

Mr Babayo Damisa, the Managing Director of Damisah Creative Agency, an ICT company, who spoke with NAN, called on Nigerians to train themselves on data security.

Damisa said Nigerians should be mindful of the things they posted online, adding that sensitive information should not be exposed to the public.

He said if the information involved were data, there were tendencies of abuse, sometimes by criminally minded people or oppositions, if the users were politicians.

“That was what happened with Cambridge Analytica using data to influence elections which can happen anywhere even in Nigeria.

“What Facebook does basically is working on data and they have our data, so how we give our data matters and what the data is used for is something we cannot say.

“Facebook has information from what we do and the sites we visit, and the activities we do online; that is why it is of utmost importance for Nigerians to know what to put online,’’ he said.

NAN reports that in a conference call with reporters, Zuckerberg also admitted that the company had made a “huge mistake” by not recognising its responsibilities.

He said the company was also revamping its privacy policies in the wake of the scandal.

Mr Bola Agboola, the Managing Director, Ximalog Global Solution, called on Zuckerberg to build a more secured platform by hiring about 20,000 staff to help in securing it.

Agboola, a software developer told NAN that Zuckerberg should also sift true contents, especially those in other languages than English.

“The Facebook should also introduce the use of artificial intelligence tools to better monitor advertisement and available apps on the platform.

“ By doing this, at the top of their news feed, users will see a link which will lead them to the apps they are using and what data they are sharing.

“This will make electoral ads and pages on Facebook more transparent.’’

Agboola said Facebook was more than just a web application but a platform representing the evolution of normal social life and culture to a digital one.

He commended Facebook, saying it had bridged the gap between the developing and developed world through its platform.

“Many people see Facebook as a website but it is more than that; it is a platform that provides several services and upon which many applications can be developed and hosted.

“Facebook deals with data and data has become the new oil.

“The right use of data can promote a business, while the wrong use of data can destroy a business,’’ he said.


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