The price we have to pay 

By Ndianabasi Nana Udom

Our nation is faced with new challenges and possibilities that needs a greater level of understanding. From the Berlin conference of 1885 where Great Britain laid claims on the part of the coast of Guinea, the coast of modern southern Nigeria till now, the pace of change is growing faster than we can ever imagine. 

A few years ago, there was no cellphones, no internet services, no ATM, no flat screen television, our ancestors greatly depended on the Sun and the moon to study the time, understand the season and cultivate the lands which was their major occupation then. 

Today, our World is constantly being transformed and young people Worldwide are currently leading the revolution of the computer age. While, it is safe to say that soon artificial intelligence will be at the fore-front of the next revolutionary age, we must decide to develop ourselves, sponsor and promote new policies and laws that will not only help prepare us for the challenges ahead but will also make sure that we continue to lead the narrative of technological advances as the giant of Africa. 

Yesterday at Startup Friday, we witnessed young people displaying their creativity and determination to use technology to transform our World, this is the story that we need, a story of people who constantly seek solutions to complex societal issues, a story of people who believe we have the capacity to make our country the envy of all nations, a story of people who don’t care about their race, religion or background but are ready and willing to make a difference in the World 

As i write this, the twin brother of poverty and unemployment continue to pose a threat to our future, we must invest more on developing the younger generation on areas of artificial intelligence, sustainable research and development, economic and policy management, agriculture, etc, develop a database of graduates who are currently unemployed for effective policy direction, provide refresher courses for those in our civil service for more productivity and encourage those who are doing well to maintain the pace. 

Because if we do what is required today and plan well for tomorrow, I am very confident that our future will smile back at us 


Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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