Saturday Digest: Don’t Panic, President Buhari is Working

By Abel Udoekene

Fellow Nigerians, by now, I know you are so confused, but I must say this now to avoid more confusion.

“What is wrong with you?”

I’m sorry, I won’t join issues with you, but must we continue fighting in order to prove a point?

Or, are you talking about Germany who has refused to seek our expertise to combat their security challenges?

“Who is talking about Germany here?” Sorry I misquoted you. I have been too busy watching Donald Trump barking at Hillary Clinton. That man is always so angry, don’t you think so?

“Na you sabi, I am telling you that President Buhari is Working, in fact, he is a workaholic and you are here saying rubbish, are you better than Donald Trump?”

“Chei! Wait first, I think your problem is more than I thought, well done.”

“Sai Baba! Sai Buhari!!”

“Shut up! What is wrong with you?  I am beginning to suspect you, have they given you Kola?

“Please bring down your voice, who are you trying to impress? ”

” Oh! So you are afraid of EFCC, wait a minute joooor, when you were busy  Dusuking the money, didn’t you know the implications?”

“Grow up Jare, I don’t use Zenith Bank, so no need to panic, if you think am lying, go and ask Ayo Fayose, The almighty spokesman of PDP,  but am not ready for all this trash.

“Ha, I think I understand you now, You think Buhari is fighting corruption?”

“Before Nko, what do you expect?”

“Na you Sabi, your problem no get part two, Wait, I have nothing more to say to you, Stop lying”

“Me, Lying? Haba Bros, President Buhari main agenda was Corruption and fighting insecurities, if you think am lying ask Lai Muhammed”

“May God forgive you for wasting my time, So Buhari main achievement is Lai Muhammed, No comments please, next achievement”

“No! No!! I didn’t say that, I don’t know why you are panicking, after all,  that man that call him Self, Uncommon transformer, once said ‘It’s too early to judge this administration”

“Shut up! Don’t bring Akpabio into this issues, When he was busy developing Akwa Ibom where were  you?  Or is that why your  Buhari  send EFCC after him, Why not remove the big log in your eyes before you start looking at the small one in another person’s eyes, and there is one man that use over 70 million of tax payers money to build his own website, yet he is not corrupt, God will judge all of them, including you”

“Haba! Bros take it easy, Are you sure you are not related to Donald Trump?”

“Like seriously, are you asking me that? I don’t blame you, you said Buhari is Working, oya! Show us the working”

“I think I understand what you are looking for, ok, take it, Number one, Abuja – Kaduna Rail line project completed and… ”

“Liars! Liars!! Liars!!!”

“Bros, calm down now, you don’t even allow me to complete my sentence, Government is a continuation and… ”

” Liars! Liars!! Liars!!! OK, please I don’t need your list, what can you say about the Naira”

“am I the CBN? You are very stupid for asking me such questions, naira ko! naira ni!! When your people were sponsoring those boys to destroy oil pipeline, what do you expect? ”

“Who is sponsoring who? I can’t take this anymore, Wait o, but your uncle said, we can drink our oil, that Nigeria will still survive”

“Hmmmm, believe it our not, President Buhari is Working, if you doubt it wait till 2019 when he will be going for 2nd term”

What do you think?

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Written by Abel Abel

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