Saturday Digest : So Buhari Finally Did it!

By Abel Udoekene

The news was so sudden. The newscaster wasn’t so comfortable. Exclusive news they say can make or Mar a media outfit.

“Are you sure this news is true?” The Producer was panicking, this news could end her in jail or worst still “6ft down”

She thought about the great Dele Giwa and the letter bomb saga. If only she could travel back in time, she will love to have a chat with Dele Giwa, Nansok Sallah, Enenche Akogwu, Sunday Bwede, etc
She remembered why she spent 4 years in school studying Mass Communication.

All her dreams, aspirations and hope, she starred at the young broadcaster who was about to broadcast the news… 15 minutes to news time, the clock is ticking..

“The people must be informed” That is what Reuben Abati would have told her.

“If it’s true, don’t be afraid, just say it” John Momoh would have tell her that.

But this scenario was different, No Reuben Abati or John Momoh to run to and the news was big, bigger than her media outfit, what would she do.

Her phone rings, it was her husband, she was needed at home, something urgent comes up, that was only what she could hear before her husband hung up. What could be the problem? Is it the Weather, her children or the news? She tried to ask herself.

“I won’t let my personal affairs interfere with my professional affairs” 5 Minutes to news times still no resolution whether to go on with the news or not.

She checked Linda Ikeji’s blog,,, Vanguard news, Channels tv, NTA, Silverbird, AIT, Still no mention of the news.

“News is news” Her assistant reminded her “If only that was true in all cases” She managed a smile, then her phone rings again..

It was her husband “Honey, the news is true”

She didn’t even allow her husband to end the call..

With a lot of Excitement, she jumped and shouted “Buhari Finally Did it!!!”

And the newscaster immediately went on air..

“His Excellency, the President of the federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari has finally did it… He has never travel out of Nigeria for close to… ” Then the light was off.

Nigeria we hail thee was all she could say.

Written by Abel Abel

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