President Buhari and Femi Adesina talks about helping Germany fight terrorism (Satire)

Femi Adesina: Your Excellency, I.. I… I don’t understand

Buhari: Femi, I say you should write a letter to Germany and tell them that Nigeria is ready to help them fight terrorism

Femi Adesina: How is that possible?

Buhari: What do you mean? Don’t you have a pen or laptop to write?

Femi Adesina: I mean the fight against Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen and Niger Delta militants are inconclusive, how can we then help a big country like Germany?

Buhari: Femi it is like your brain has become technically inconclusive. Where is Boko Haram, herdsmen and militants? I have finish them. Are you one of them?

Femi Adesina: But the militants just bombed two major oil pipeline?

Buhari: You no go school? It is PDP that are bombing not militants

Femi Adesina: But Nigerians will read meaning into this letter. Mfon Abel Ekene and his facebook friends will talk about this, that we can’t control the home, we want to control the outside

Buhari: Leave that Calabar boy and his facebook friends. I use to think that you are better than Lai.

Femi Adesina: I am better than Lai your Excellency. Remember I am the one that started Wailing Wailers? I insult Nigerians who criticize you everyday.

Buhari: Good. Then After this one I have another assignment for you

Femi Adesina: Your Excellency which is that?

Buhari: You will write to America and tell them Nigeria is ready to help them conduct a free and fair presidential election

Femi Adesina: Do you mean inconclusive elections?

Buhari: What did you say?

Femi Adesina: I am technically pressed, I want to go and wiwi your Excellency

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