US Students and faculty raised money to fly a Nigerian Mother from Nigeria to see her son graduate

Mike Tertsea wanted to study and play basketball in America. And he found the John Carroll School in Bel Air, so he left his mom and family in Nigeria to study abroad.

This week is Mike’s graduation from John Carroll.

And guess who came to see him? His mom.

Mike’s senior class raised money for her plane ticket and visa so that she could see her son walk across the stage with a high school degree.


She is so thankful and says her son, which she hasn’t seen in four years, “is big, bigger, too big…I didn’t recognize him he was so big and he put on weight”.

But when the senior class came up a few hundred dollars short, Mike’s teachers and coaches raised the money within an hour.

Mom didn’t think she’d see this day. Mike never thought he’d look out and see mom in the audience. But John Carroll takes care of their own.


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