My Wife Took A Trip Out Of Town… My Experience

My wife took a trip out of port harcourt for a few days and I was left with the children to take care of.

Wake up by 5am, prepare them for school, prepare breakfast and lunch packs, then drop them off on or before 7am. Come back home tidy the house and prepare myself for the day’s hustling. Pick them back from school by 4pm, arrange lunch/ dinner, help out with their home works and assignments, then prepared them for bed.

I have only done these chores for 2days and I look like yesterday. The truth is that I have forgotten to eat foods. I basically ate once since Tuesday.

For the children, day one, they couldn’t eat their lunch at school because the food got bad before lunch. Lucky them, they had snacks. Day two, they came back with their foods half eaten- too much stew.

I think being a man is at times easier. Just imagine that a good wife/mother does this from the first day of marriage or delivery of a baby (ies) to the end of her time. Even when her children are old, she comes for baby sitting (Omugor). They also accommodate us the husband day and night. Of course you know husbands have their own pattern of wahala. Where is my food, why this, why that. My wife is this, my wife is that.

My wife, My mother, you women are too much. I only got a tip of the iceberg and I really do not want any more. I am ok with my role as a man and husband.

To the wives and mothers out there, thank you for your role in the house. I couldn’t have done any better. Perhaps, I do understand better. You are more than a SUPER WOMAN. I Appreciate you all

Written by Adishome Patrick

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