How To Start Blogging? It Is Very Easy!

So many Nigerians have asked me how they can start blogging. My answer as always been straight forward, starting a blog is the easiest thing you can do!

The truth is it does not take up to an hour to start a blog. By that I mean to have a platform, a web address be it just like you see Abel Abel( or

Botha re easy to set up. Even with the slightest knowledge. Starting a blog is not a big deal at all.

What is the big deal is the content and driving traffic to your blog staying consistent and building your blog to be counted among the best. That is the true test of a real blogger.

Let me say, few people have the wrong idea of blogging, there is a myth that ones you started blogging, you are making big money lol. That is a big lie!
I remember when I started Abel Abel, so many people I knew thought I was making big money. It is hard to blame those people when they read that a blogger by name Linda Ikeji bought a n500 billion house at Banana Island!

Let me not beat around the bush so much. Staying on the topic.

Starting a blog is easy.

First you have to decide if you want a free blog, I mean if you do not want to spend a single kobo! So many popular blogger started this way.

If that is what you want simply go to or and you are almost ready to get started.

Just follow the instructions and your blog is ready! Same way if you want a customize domain name like

If you are reading this and want to start one, let me know how I can help you further , write to me via

In the coming days, God willing, I will be sharing how to make money from your blogs, how to increase rankings and many more. I will be doing this at my new blog 44 Ways

Any question? drop your comments!

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