President Buhari And Oyegun Talks About Change (Satire)

Oyegun: Your Excellency, I want to say something

Buhari: Oyegun wetin happen

Oyegun: Things are very hard, all the promise we made before elections you have denied them and people mock me about it everywhere I go. There is no fuel, no light, naira is bleeding, things are cost, transportation is cost, Nigerians are suffering! Everyday Mfonobong Abel Ekene tackle us on facebook because of this. Do something.

Buhari: I am busy doing something more important

Oyegun: What is that your excellency?

Buhari: I am fighting corruption

Oyegun: But there is no fuel

Buhari: I am fighting corruption

Oyegun: There is no light? It has gotten worst

Buhari: Oyegun, I am fighting corruption

Oyegun: Nigerians are suffering

Buhari: I say I am fighting corruption, Don’t you hear word?

Oyegun: You have changed

Buhari: What is wrong with that? Did I not promise Nigeria change?

Oyegun: But not this kind of change

Buhari: You better change the topic before I change hand for you

Oyegun: There is God o

Buhari: So you dey copy Patience Jonathan? You cannot even speak your own! That is corruption and theft

Oyegun: I am not corrupt

Buhari: Just wait here, the EFCC Chairman will soon be here

Oyegun: Oga no be so… I am sorry

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