One Day Old Baby Dumped On The Roadside At Agege, Lagos

A newborn baby has been discovered dumped in the Agege area of Lagos state.

The mother of the child is not known, but passers-by explained that the child has been there since about 6am on Friday.

“I just left the scene now, a few minutes ago, I still have to go back there because I’m tracking LAWMA (Lagos state Waste management agency),” Femi Owolabi, a freelance journalist told TheCable.

“The baby has been there since 6am in the morning, passers-by have been it. I was shocked when I was called again in the evening that the baby is still there, so I went there at about 5:15, 5:20pm.”

Though a police station is just three streets away from the scene, the child is left by the way side with no official confirmation of death although passers-by believe the baby is breathless.

“We had to go to the nearest police station, that is Alakara police station, which is just three junctions away from that very junction where the lifeless baby was dropped,” Owolabi added.

“People here are telling me that the police had patrolled through that area and didn’t do anything. Although, when I spoke to the representatives of the DPO, they acted as if they didn’t know anything.

“They gave me the contact of people in LAWMA, all those escavators. I called them and they asked me to text the address, which I have done, I want to give them an hour or two.

“If the baby is still there, I would have to keep calling them.”

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