Ladies, make sure you read this…

Marriage is good, if you marry a good man. Marriage is bad,if you marry a bad man.

No one is perfect. But a man who knows God and fears God is always the best choice.

The one who doesn’t really know God in truth and in spirit,will have the mind to hit u. He will have the mind to sleep with your friend/sister or some lady outside there,he will grumble when the child isn’t coming yet and might be tempted to impregnate another lady out there,etc etc.

If you have someone who cherishes you a lot and genuinely cares for your spiritual,mental,psychological and overall being,hold him tight.

Good men/guys are hard to find these days,especially now that easy & cheap ladies are everywhere,almost all men/guys have gone rogue.

Sex has been made easy for them to get,even from a primary 5 pupil now,so once you have got a good man who respects you and stays faithful to you and above all,a believer and serious christian,don’t be a fool,hold him tight. Just saying my mind…

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