Just A Word Of Advice To My Fellow Guys…..

Please guys, there are certain things you need to fix before approaching a lady.
Often times i have seen some guys been rejected by the ladies they claimed to be in love with or a lady they liked just because they fail to do their homework exercise..

First thing guys need to Fix is;

BODY AND MOUTH ODOUR: We all know that the economy is very bad, but surely it cannot be that bad to the extend that you can’t afford to buy toothpaste and brush. Its shameful when the odour oozing out from some guys mouth is like a dead rat, very irritating, i know you brush your mouth everyday, but atleast brush three or twice in a day, always concentrate more on your tongue, because its your tongue that always smell, some guys brush every morning, but so lazy to brush their tongue that’s unfair. please you have to make sure you always brush your mouth whenever you wants to go out, because you don’t know whom you going to talk to face to face out there.
To me its very irritating and i hate people with mouth odour i can hardly talk with you once i discover it…………….
Also some guys can’t afford to purchase common #100 shaving stick to lower the evil forest region of their private section. Looking at their armpit, GOSH! It Will not be different from looking at a dustbin house. So embarrassing…..

Secondly :

BAD VOCABULARY; I don’t understand why some guys will not work on their English as they vomit bad vocabulary like bullets in wooing a lady. These are category of guys who complained of ladies been a hoo simply because they won’t give in their blunder.

Thirdly: …..

LUSTFUL GLANCE.; There are stylistic ways to analyze the shape of a lady.
However, not in front of her as you will be sizing her b**bs, fantasising her butt as if a tokunbo car is being checked.
This attitude has changed wheel online when you see threads discussing about the shape of some female monikers.


SENDING FRIENDS TO DO YOUR BIDDING PROPOSAL . Most ladies hardly like the idea of sending someone to convey your massage of love to her. They see such person as immature and lacking full confidence to meet them…..


CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL TO BOOST EGO/SELF CONFIDENCE. This is Peculiar to immature dudes who have lost self confidence. Because they are timid to approaching ladies, they go to Garden park in Arepo to be served with bottles of beer to build fake esteem.

Guys lets be real and try fixing this important things before wooing a lady ok?

Just saying…

Ladies Am I Right?

Have you experience this before?

Can you mingle with someone who has a mouth odour?

And ladies check yourselves too, Though on the ladies part, have met a girl with mouth odour and at last, i walked up to her and let her know it in a friendly manner. Sure you don’t have to hide it, just tell the person about it in polite manner.

– Odinaka Des Matthew

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