Joke Of The Day… Very Funny

I have been dating ‘HER’ for over 3months now and everything is going fine.

Last week I decided to invite her to my place and she came, when we were together, her phone rang but she refuse to pick her call
and I ask her why she didn’t pick, she said nothing, and for me to check who is calling her.

I saw ‘Sterling Bank calling’, and I beg her to pick, maybe the Bank wants to give us money.

After that another call entered, ‘GTB calling’, she ignores it, UBA Followed, and I picked it but the person didn’t talk and I cut the call.

A minute later, First Bank call entered, she put it on hold, when Zenith Bank called, she shouted at Zenith Bank.

Later after an hour, one call entered her Phone singing John Legend’s song just to check who called her, I saw ‘CBN’ and she picked it and answered the Call.

Well,later wHen I asked her, she said that her Uncle is working there he just wish to use the office line, I said ok.

Few minutes later World Bank called and she was so Happy to pick the call, after she had finished receiving the call, I picked up my phone to flash her number.

Guess what I saw……..?

Micro finance!

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