I Had A Health Concern. I Had To Bring Myself To Finally Meeting A Nigerian Doctor Physically

I have been reading online for years, I have been counseled by Doctors abroad.
Since I wasn’t in any of the countries, I was finally told to visit a Nigerian Doctor.
First, I knew they won’t be able to help me, but I just had to go. I won’t lose anything.
So I went to the hospital.
The nurse I met kept looking at me like I was a ghost she had seen in 1872.
She asked me to fill forms and I bought my personal card.
While sitting and waiting to be called by the Doctor. She came close to me. Know what she said?
“Hope you ain’t coming for an abortion”?
I was shocked. And speechless too.
I didn’t even know when I told her to repeat herself. Which she did.
I looked at her from head to toe, gave a long sigh and fixed my earpiece.
Doctor called me and what transpired between us is the reason why I will never meet any religious Doctor in this life again.
But this Doctor is daft.
As soon as I entered his office, he asked that we pray. Who does that?
Who prays?
I told him why I came and this idiot, told me to come back when I am married. Only then will he attend to me and my husband. This idiot even claimed, my problem is connected to me having a petite body.
Lmaooooo pacman emoticon pacman emoticon pacman emoticon pacman emoticon
I don suffer.
I never want to have anything to do with a religious Doctor, Lawyer or a Counselor.
How can you be a lawyer and you are religious? How can you be a lawyer and you claim some acts are not African or not part of our culture?
Wait! How can you be a Doctor and you are one religious idiot?
Or a counselor?
I love my Lawyers, Doctors, and Counselors an atheist, a realist or just liberal.
Don’t bring in God when you should be treating your patient.
Don’t bring in God when you should be defending your client.
And don’t fucking bring in God when you should be counseling your client.
My encounter with one mistake of a Doctor whose license should be seized made me hate visiting Doctors and hospitals.
Someone came for a medical test. Rather than do it, you are telling her to believe in God and forget about the tests.
You are mad!!!
Your years in school is a waste.
Some of you are just unfortunate humans.

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