What is going on in the world today?

What’s happening in the world today? 🌍

I hear👂men/women say: I’m not happy. I want a family👪. But this is what I see👀: That same unhappy dummy meets a good man/woman👬, takes them for granted, acts confused😕, comes around when it’s convenient, never goes out of their way, is inconsistent, doesn’t keep their word, never shows up, expects the 🌎, and only gives 10 percent🚫. Then the male/female dummy wants to know why the good man or woman left✈🚕🚗🏃. Seriously😮? I’ll tell you why.

When who you are contributes to your unhappiness💔 because of self-sabotaging habits then it’s only a matter of time⌚ before good people stop dealing with you. What’s understood doesn’t really need to be explained when you’re being irrelevant and not measuring up. Choose to remain unhappy💔 by yourself without including a good man/woman in your madness. You’re unhappy because of what’s inside of you😮. Having a partner👬and a family👪 can’t fix that. Until you work on you and fix what’s internal then you’ll ruin😪😭😥every good man/woman you meet. You’re the problem and the solution can be found in maturing, being honest with your dayum self, self-reflection and development.  www.breakupsmakeupsandlove.com

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