American-French Couple Win UK’s Wife Carrying Race, Set New Record, Watch Video

A French-American couple won England’s Wife-Carrying Race on Sunday for the second consecutive year and set a new record for the 380 meter (yard) course.

American Jonathan Schwochert and his French-born wife Charlotte Xiong finished the 9th annual race in southeast England, which includes straw bale obstacles and a splash zone, in 1 minute 40 seconds — 20 seconds quicker than their time last year.

The couple, who won a barrel of ale, will compete in the wife-carrying world championship in Finland later this year.

In a report contained in an interview of Schwochert by press men after the race, he said; “we do a bit of training’’.

“This year, we only ran it once but I was doing runs with a weighted backpack and it got a bit tough, chaffing up my back so I had to take a break’’.

The race is believed to date back more than 12 century to medieval times when scores of Viking marauders pillaged the north-east coast of England

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