$600,000 Worth Of Heroin Found In Canadian Convenience Store

Employees at a convenience store in Canada called local police after finding what authorities say amounts to approximately $600,000 worth of heroin.

Calgary Police Service shared photos showing several bags of heroin labeled “NAVI” to social media requesting information about the unexpected discovery.

“Hey! Navi. Are you missing some substance, better known as heroin?” Calgary police’s post stated. “If so, we really need to talk!”

According to police the heat-sealed bags contained about four pounds of heroin and were discovered in a shipment of pre-made food on March 11.

“Investigators have determined the food shipment originated from California, however, they continue to look into at what point the drugs may have been added to the shipment, and who they were destined for,” the post stated.

Calgary police have encouraged citizens with information to call police or local Crime Stoppers.


Discovery of Large Heroin Shipment Hey! Navi. Are you missing some substance, better known as heroin? If so, we…

Posted by Calgary Police Service on Friday, 18 March 2016