A Married Woman On Facebook Shares How Her Husband Suck Her Vagina On Sunday Morning, Read

A facebook user Olufunke Adekile Akande has shared with the facebook world how her husband sucked her Vagina on Sunday morning. She shared the story with a picture of her husband. read below;

I wouldn’t know if f**k**g one’s hubby on a Sunday morning is a sin but I woke up today with a warm feeling between my legs. I tried opening my eyes and looked down only to find Hubby’s head between my thighs nuzzling my Pu**y.

“Oh honeeeeyyy….its Sunndaaayyyy morrrniiiing”

Well, that didn’t come out right, even as much as I tried to resist, I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

I could tell my moaning had urged him on as he started to lick me down there. I couldn’t tell what time it was in the morning, yesterday had been so hectic for both of us but I was pretty sure I was loving the way he woke me up.

His tongue moved in small circular motions against my clit, I let out a moan and pushed my pussy in his face. Oh, I needed more and more. He started moving his tongue fast, delicious sounds coming from his throat.

“Ahhh, baby. It feels too good”

He didn’t say a word and kept stroking me. Suddenly, he stopped and lifted his head up.

“What!? Why would he do that? I’m close”.

He started kissing my navel, lifting my nightie up. He lifted it over my head and threw it away. I was naked underneath.

He took one of my nipples in his mouth and started nibbling, licking, and teasing. Pleasure flowed through my whole body. I grabbed the back of his head, my legs around his hips.

“Ohhhh…I want him inside. NOW but he keeps teasing my breast”

“Honey now. Please” I cried.

Instead, he covered my lips with his in a swift move. I grabbed his butt, pressing my body against his groin. He kept sucking my tongue. I kissed him back fiercely. He’s incredibly hot. I could feel his erection – as hard as a rock. I tried to lower him with my legs but he just kept kissing me.

“I’m gonna get him later for this torture”

Turned over, his hands all over my body. My breasts, my thighs, my clit.

“Honey, please”. I mumbled in his mouth.

He broke the kiss and looked down at me. His charming eyes full of heat. He took my wrists and pushed my arms over my head. The tip of his cock teased my pu**y lips. He puts the tip of his cock in me. A moan escaped from my mouth.

Eyes locked.
Full of need.

He thrusts forward and he’s in me fully. Pleasurable moans came from our mouths. He started moving slowly, looking into my eyes.

I kissed his lips softly while moving with him. He starts moving faster, now. I could almost feel myself flying, body gyrating. I say his name again and again while I feel an orgasm building inside me.

“Ahh, baby”
“I love you, I love your body, its so beautiful”

Whispered my name, and kisses my neck. My arms still over my head, legs wrapped around his back.

“I’m close, honey. Ah” I was on the edge.

I came with a loud cry. I could feel his muscles were tight. He came with me. Saying each other’s names again and again while waves of pleasure flow through us. His head dropping on my shoulders. Panting heavily. He was still inside me.

“I can stay like this forever”

He takes my earlobe between his teeth and tugs.
I moved my fingers across his chest. Finally, he lifts his head up and looked at me with love. He kisses my forehead.

“Good morning, love” in his trademark husky voice.
“So, why did you do that? You know its Sunday morning” I asked with a smile.
“Oh, I figured it was going to be difficult for you getting out of bed early since yesterday was quite hectic. Had to wake you up in the most tender way possible” he plants a kiss on my forehead.
“And it worked!” I said laughing.
“Right now, I don’t even care for Sunday anymore, afterall, the marriage bed is never defiled, even the bible says my desires shall always be for my husband” Lol

Good evening people, had a pretty awesome time in church today. Smiles…

I wouldn't know if f**k**g one's hubby on a Sunday morning is a sin but I woke up today with a warm feeling between my…

Posted by Olufunke Adekile Akande on Sunday, 21 February 2016

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