Terrified Cyclist Comes Across A HUGE Carpet Python Resting On A Tree In A Popular National Park

A giant python which could injure or kill a small child has been spotted prowling in a busy national park.

The snake, which is believed to be anywhere between two and five metres long, was captured on camera by a cyclist in the Nerang National Park on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Australia, reports Courier Mail.

The image was posted on the Gold Coast Mountain Bike Club Facebook and caused a stir among park-goers as it is clear the serpent is still digesting its prey.

It was not the first time the carpet python, nicknamed the ‘Loch Ness monster snake’, has been seen, as it was noticed near Nerang’s Norco Flow three or four months ago, according to club treasurer Jeff Patterson.

Experts told the newspaper the animal has been feeding on either a possum, kangaroo or dog, as it can be seen still inside it’s body.

Dan Bamblett, a wildlife expert, told Courier Mail it technically ‘could kill a small child or toddler’, but it is not known to attack.

‘Carpet pythons are generally around the two-metre mark but this one could be up to four metres,’ he said.
‘Theoretically it could kill a very small child or toddler – or even an adult if you let it wrap around your chest and neck and didn’t fight back.’

The current location of the python is unknown and all attempts to find it have been unsuccessful.

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