One Thing Every Single Lady Need To Know About Relationship

Good character is one thing that will make a man never want to let you go,
he will like to marry you immediately even when he is not ready for marriage.

Every man believes all women are the same but good character is what make a lady different from all..
Dear lady, don’t think you are so special, because you can’t offer anything more than any woman except your good character.

Don’t be carried away just because he keep telling you “I LOVE YOU” , all those sex and doing house chores for him will never gonna make him take you as a wife.

Men don’t joke, when it come to marriage, they will seek well, they always look for a good woman with good character, a woman that can obey and respect him. when it come to marriage, wise men don’t look for beautiful lady or well package lady or whether you’re good in bed or if you’re educated, they look for good woman that has proven she is different from other women.

Some ladies are not wife material, they are good in dating but not good for marriage.

When a man come across a wife material he always try as much as he can to keep her.

Don’t be fooled by your beauty or figure8 , Marriage is more than being sexy or being good in bed.


All those makeup and forming big girl will never make a man to choose you.

If you check well, ugly girls are getting married every Saturday because they have what you can’t offer which is good character, dear! am just advising you to avoid HAD I KNOW. because our Igbo people said “ADIGHI AMU AKA IKPA NA NKA” which means, WHAT YOU DID NOT LEARN WHEN YOU ARE YOUNG, YOU CAN’T LEARN IT WHEN YOU GET OLD”..

So my dear ladies, be careful how you talks to your man. Forget I love you so much he claims, he knows who he wants to get married to when the time comes…

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Written by Abel Abel

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