Man ‘Makes Wife Walk Naked Through Streets’ After Catching Her Sending Naked Pictures To Other Men, VIDEOS and PHOTOS

This is the shocking moment a woman is allegedly made to walk naked through the streets of New York after claims her husband caught her messaging other men.

The shocking video shows the woman in a towel before the man eventually pulls it away, exposing her body to everyone on the street.


She desperately tries to preserve her dignity, at one point attempting to dress herself with the canvas cover draped over a nearby motorbike.

In the video, the man – who is thought to be the woman’s husband – can be heard saying: “Stop and take the towel off. We need to see your shame.”

He adds: “A pretty girl like you […] with seven men. You will pay the price.”

“Now everybody can see, now everybody can see.”


According to information alongside the video, the man discovered his woman had been messaging multiple men and sharing naked pictures, although this has not been verified.

The video was later shared on where it has had more than 9,000 views in the last eight hours.



Watch Video;

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