I Didn’t Bleach My Skin, Life is Better now – Popular Nollywood Actor, Frederick Leonard

A popular Nollywood actor has insisted he never toned nor bleached his skin. he said Life is living a better life and as a result, things change.

Speaking to the Punch, he said;

“There will always be speculation. When you start out life as a young man and hustle like everyone, you are bound to have pimples, look skinny or scruffy. But when life gets better; you change your moisturiser and no longer have to stay too long under the sun, one is bound to look fresher than normal. That is when people speculate that you bleach.

“I did not bleach my skin and the only way to prove it is to show critics my childhood pictures. I think their speculations are as a result of their level of understanding and I forgive them. My mum is dark-skinned while my dad was fair in complexion.”


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