British Policewoman Arrested In The US After Leaving Her Sleeping Baby Alone In A Manhattan Hotel Room

A British policewoman who was arrested for leaving her baby alone in a Manhattan hotel room is suing New York authorities after her son was placed in foster care and she was forced to fly back to the UK alone.

Louise Fielden, 42, from London, claims that her 15-month-old son Samuel is being held ‘hostage and kidnapped in a foreign country’ after she came back to the UK on Tuesday when criminal charges against her were dropped.

The single mother has now filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court to try and get her son, who is currently being looked after by foster carers, returned to Britain, so he can go into the care of her cousin in Bedfordshire.

She also says that her son has been placed with a foster carer, named as Sue Senna, who she claims celebrated a birthday by playing ‘porno bingo’ at a gay men’s club, which she maintains is against her conservative upbringing within the Church of England.

Court papers show that Fielden left the UK to go to the West Indian island of Antigua on January 10, when her son was just a few months old.

She became pregnant via an anonymous sperm donor from the Netherlands and wanted to take her son overseas to make sure he had enough Vitamin D from the sun.

On the way back to Britain on April 10, she checked into the Chelsea Highline Hotel for a two week stay in New York City so she could do some shopping.

In court documents she writes: ‘On January, 10, 2015, when the weather in London is typically quite overcast and dark, with little natural sunlight, I and my son Samuel Fielden left London for Antigua of the British West Indies to vacation for three months there by the Caribbean Sea, to take advantage of the natural sunlight, which is an excellent source of vitamin D for Samuel’s natural development.

‘On April 10, 2015, Samuel and I left Antigua for New York City, where I was going to do some shopping for clothes and other things for Samuel.’

While staying at the hotel, which has since closed, a staff member reported her to the social services for leaving Samuel alone in a hotel room.

She was accused of leaving him alone in the hotel room unattended for 30 minutes while she went to sterilise his bottles in hot water.

Fielden was also accused of leaving the boy on the floor of a kitchen while she ate breakfast.

The single mother was facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child, resisting arrest, and possession of a controlled substance because she had some Codeine pills for which she holds a prescription, that officers found in her luggage.

But according to an affidavit, she said that in her culture it was ‘normal and acceptable to leave a child for a short period of time.’

She also claims that the boy was only one foot away from her while she ate breakfast in one instance and says in the other instance she didn’t want to carry the boy at the same time as holding a beaker full of hot water, due to health and safety reasons.

Samuel was then placed in in the care of Administration for Children’s Services while Fielden remained in Manhattan on maternity leave.

But even though criminal charges against her have been dropped, she is still fighting a Family Court ruling, which issued a finding of neglect from a separate hearing, in a bid to allow her son to return home.

And now she has filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court suing the New York City Administration for Children’s Services, the New York Foundling Charitable Corporation, the City of New York.

In court documents, she also alleges that her son’s carer Ms Sena, is a member of the gay rights group ‘Single Women in Support of Homos’ (SWISH) , which she says is against her own ‘conservative upbringing in the Church of England.’

Fielden also alleges that the foster carer spent her birthday playing ‘porno bingo’ at a gay man’s club, which was a fundraiser for her group.

She writes in court papers: ‘As a devout conservative member of the Church of England, my family values are totally on the other side of the spectrum to SWISH’s and I do not wish my son to be cared for by any member of that organisation.

‘It is mind boggling that my son Samuel’s foster mother Susan A. Sena also participated in ‘porno bingo’ where a gay porn star was the star guest.’

Fielden also asks that while the neglect case is resolved, the child should be placed in the care of one of her cousins in Bedfordshire.

A law department spokesman said: ‘The City is working with the appropriate international authorities and local agencies in the UK to resolve this matter in the best interests of the child.’

Daily Mail

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