Beware of Negative Self-Talk…

Oftentimes our worst Enemy is Self. We think too Lowly of Ourselves. We Convince Ourselves that we are not Good Enough, not Smart Enough, not Pretty Enough, not Tall Enough, not Thin Enough, not Popular Enough, not Young Enough, not Old Enough and not Wealthy Enough, etc. Don’t give voice to the feeling that you are good for nothing. Mute the Mental Voices that Whisper the Lie that you will Never Amount to Anything. Every person is Unique and Special Regardless of Societal Labels, Stigmas and Stereotypes Attached to people. God does not make junk. You are a Masterpiece. God Created you for a Unique Divine Purpose that only you can fulfill. God Created you so Unique that there has never been and there will never be anyone like you. Even your Fingerprint can’t be Duplicated. Thinking too Lowly of Yourself Dishonors God. You are Special in the Sight of God. “You are “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.” Psalm 139:14. I Hope you believe it?

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Written by Abel Abel

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