“I Am So Sorry, I Don’t Have My Makeup”

Recently I met a beautiful young lady who profusely apologized for not wearing her makeup.

Regardless of my persistent assurance that she looked beautiful, she felt ashamed by her natural look that she acted as if I had seen her naked.

Have we embraced artificial beauty that our natural beauty now embarrasses us? Have we lost touch with the reality of our beautiful natural look that we have to Apologize for it?

In our world of Airbrushing, Skin Bleaching, Breast Implanting, and other forms of body modification, it takes rare courage to just be the authentic you. You are a Masterpiece of God’s Creation. T

ake holy pride in the way God created you. Take holy pride in the Color of your Skin, the Texture of your Hair, the Size of your Lips and the Shape your Body.

Your true Beauty is not determined by anything external or superficial. Embrace the Authentic Natural Beautiful You. Regardless of your Insecurities and Perceived Imperfections, look yourself in the mirror daily and boldly declare, “I am beautiful because God made me Beautiful.”

– Sonia King

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