Marrying A Ugly Man?

Two years ago, my roommates and I were going through a wedding magazine, the magazine had pictures of very expensive wedding ceremonies by top men…

When we stumbled on this pic.


We laughed and all wondered what would make a very beautiful woman like this end up with this ” —–” man…
Of course! We gave ourselves an answer.. An answer you know already…

If we need to tell ourselves the truth,
Whenever we see a picture of a beautiful woman and an unattractive man, we always conclude the woman is getting married to the man because of his money, № one thinks LOVE…

And yes it might be true..
The same reason that made a former beauty queen get married to an old unattractive man with № 6packs pacman emoticon pacman emoticon pacman emoticon grin emoticon

You see, unattractive guys get jealous of handsome guys…

The same way unattractive girls get jealous of very beautiful girls..

They often come up with the “character over beauty” lines..

Guys came up with theirs..
” The handsomeness of a man is measured by his pocket” …
The man pictured here is a Warri Billionaire big boy…
The same man that gave his sister 250,000 naira for preparing a pot of egusi soup..
If this man were poor, this lady might not have agreed to get married to him..
Remember I used the word “might”

There are very rich handsome men out there, permit me to say that;
Most of these rich men were born into wealth, they inherited their wealth unlike MOST unattractive ones…
Any unattractive man you see now that’s rich… Most likely, worked HARD to get to where he is..
The same can’t be said for the rich handsome guys..

With this said,
Indeed, the handsomeness of a man is measured by his pocket…
But that doesn’t mean handsome men don’t get lucky..
Of course they do..

But what if with all the money and looks, the ladies don’t just like you??
That tells us one more thing;
Your Personality Matters More…

If you don’t have that self confidence, you will end up chasing away the ladies..
I know of someone that’s very rich, good looks, has his own house and cars but № girlfriend…
When he opens his mouth to speak to a lady, she gets disappointed.

So guys instead of worrying about a fellow guy’s pocket..

Build your self confidence and have that manly charm…

Written by Nsikak Effiong, a contributor of Abel Abel. You can follow Nsikak on facebok, click here

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