Married Couples: Show Your Gratitude.

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When we live with someone for any length of time, there is tendency to assume that our partners know and understand us and there is no need to express our appreciation. Also, with the pace of modern living, it can become all too easy to forget to say or do the things that make our partner feel special.

It’s a big mistake to assume that our partners know how important they are to us. They need to be told or shown how beautiful we think they are, how grateful we are for what they do and how much we appreciate their qualities.

Psychological research has found that reminding ourselves of the good things in our lives and expressing gratitude can substantially increase our happiness levels, make us more successful and improve our health and relationships.
So both you and your partner will benefit from some kind words.

Tell your partner something that you like,appreciate or value about them every day, and tell them what you enjoy doing with them.

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