It Would Be “Foolish” For Roman Abramovich To Sack Jose Mourinho – Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson has told Roman Abramovich it would be “foolish” and “bad management” to sack Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho is under pressure after Chelsea suffered an eighth league defeat of the season which left the fallen champions just two points above the drop zone.

“He (Abramovich) has sacked so many coaches in the last 10 years that I am sure he has learned by it. He has to trust and have confidence Jose can turn around.

“There is no point in sacking one of the best coaches of all time, he’s won the European Cup twice, he’s won the league in each country he’s managed in, he’s won the big trophies.

“It would be foolish to take that step to sack him. That would be bad management. It’s not leadership, that.” He said

“I’ve been watching Jose and I’ve spoken to him a couple of times. It’s the first time he’s been confronted with non-success.

“If you look at his whole career it’s been nothing but a rise all the time, so for the first time in his life he’s had to deal with bad publicity, adversity, and thats a challenge but there are signs he is getting back to a balanced level even though they lost on Saturday.

“For Jose, all good leaders will eventually find a solution. He will find a solution and I think he will get back to normal. It’s not looking great at the moment, but I know the guy and work he has done in football and I can’t see it lasting long.”

On injuries he said “Things that have been overlooked was Courtois being injured, that was a big loss. John Terry at the beginning of the season was not having a great time and that is a loss because he is a leader in the team.

“When you lose two really influential players like, that can make a difference.

“What United were best at was having the consistency. Winning the League didn’t matter, it was the next year that mattered.

“There are not many teams who can continue that, for instance City won the League and then lost it the next year, Chelsea won the league and are now having a bad spell.

“It is very difficult to maintain and continue success for five, six, seven years, very, very difficult.

“The key is to avid complacency. If we won the League, my first step next season was to remind them about many things, about expectation and responsibility, that complacency is a disease.

“All these things mattered to me because I was always fearful of dropping back off the scale.

“Fortunately we had a reasonable consistency, but the most important thing about United for me was every time we lost the League, we won it the next year.

“So there was a response The character in the team, that was really important.

“Developing character in a football team is just as important as developing the ability of the team and the character in that football team was very, very strong. Very strong characters and that was really important.”

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