How To Have Great Sex With Your Wife….

When it comes to sex, her saying “Wow” is good. “Wow, are you…?” means you probably need to ease it down a notch.

Women do like to have orgasms. We don’t need to have 10 in one night. Secret, exciting techniques are great; if they’re effective, it will be evident and there will be no need for a recap, complete with anatomy lesson, of what’s just transpired. The good thing about sex is that it’s intimate. The scary thing about sex is that intimacy brings out everyone’s insecurities. Avoid the impulse to ask if it was good, and how good, and was it the best? As for trying to find out what she likes, you should be able to tell by her responses.

If you’re not sure, say something like, “Just FYI, I take requests.” Add a wink, and an icky conversation is successfully avoided.

Don’t ask, “Did you enjoy that?” You’ll sound like a waiter. A particularly annoying waiter, at that.

– Sarah Miller

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