Where Did She Go Wrong?

She tried all she could to please you, she gave herself sleepless night just to solve your problem at night yet you couldn’t see her weak eyes in the morning. She wants you to love and cherish her just as you promised. She goes online to check for romantic quote so she can whisper the words in your ear, you push her with the word “am not in the mood” She tries to know when you are in the mood, you give another excuse.

She keeps praying and hoping for you to come back. She wants those old days of love and unity yet you can’t sense it.
Remember your promise to her, remember those sweet words, you told her she was your all and world. You told her nobody can be compared to her. You told her you could do anything for her. You filled her phone with messages (whatsapp, facebook, 2go, twitter etc.)

She saw 100 missed call a day from you, you uploaded her pictures on your social media with sweet status about her. She felt love, yes she was in love. She thought you were the Mr. Right, an angel, a friend and soul mate.

She let go of her ego, pride and dignity, she let go of so many thing just for you and she is ready to do so many thing for you, yet you can’t see or feel it.

Can’t you see the pain she is going through because of your harsh words and violence? She can’t speak out because she is hoping you will change, she is not the girl she use to be, she has gone slim and unkempt.
She feels inferior just because of you, she tries to know where she has gone wrong but can’t place it. She is lost.
She cries at night even when you are right beside her. She was waiting for your touch and kisses. You think she is cheap and loose because she gave herself to you without any force?
You compare her with others forgetting she has her own style and ways. Where is the old days of us? She will always ask. Where have I gone wrong he is not the man I use to know?

You are supposed to be her father, friend, sugar daddy, son and brother but no you hit her. You hit so bad she can’t hit you back because she is weak mentally, emotionally and physically.
Why can’t you just respect her? If you don’t want her let her be a happy woman not causing her pain. Where has she missed it? Talk to her don’t hit her


Written as part of Abel Abel campaign against violence on women. This piece was by Uche Miracle. A contributor and team member of Abel Abel blog. Click here to follow Uche Miracle on facebook

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