What A Mother-In-Law Told her Daughter-In-Law The Night Of Her Wedding.

My daughter, I know you are wondering why I am crying today. I am not crying because I am sad. I am not crying because I dislike you. I will tell you why I am crying.

Many years ago when I got married. My hope was to have a daughter first because I was the only daughter and back then my mum was never around. When I got pregnant, I had to do operation before I gave birth to your husband, since then I can’t give birth again.

But today, I am crying tears of joy that I finally have a daughter to call my own. You have no Idea how long I have hoped to have a daughter until this day that I have you. I know you are here to be a second mother to my son but let me assure you that I will not compete with you. No, I will not fight you but I will love and support you.
Before I return to my house and leave you to be with your husband. Let me tell you few things you should know about your husband.

When your husband was 10 years old, he lost his father in a car accident. He was closer to his father than he was to me. Guess what? He was inside that car when his father died but he survived. Ever since that day, his life has never remainrd the same. He started living in fear and pain. He was failing at school, he will cry every morning. I had to take a break from work to be there for him. To cover that vacuum.

So as you take over today from me, I know he still has those fears, I am begging you, do not just be his wife but be his mother, be his father and be his best friend.

There is something about him I know you will like. I trained him how to cook. He may even cook better than you! So you don’t have to worry about cooking all the time. He enjoys cooking! If he cooks affang or Edika-ikong, you will love it!

Something happened when your husband was 23 years. It was one evening. I returned from work late. I immediately made dinner and he never came out to greet me which was unusual. So I went into his room. I found him on the floor, he was crying. He was seriously crying. When he saw me, he wanted to act strong but I let him knew I understand. You see, he had failed in five attempt to get admitted into school. He felt he will remain a failure forever. He told me he hated himself. And want to die. When I looked around I saw a poison hidden under his bed I had to take him into my arms. Pet him and show him love.

Please, sometimes he will be sad. He will be down. He is a man outside but sometimes he can be a boy, he may cry. Just understand and show him you love and support him.

Let me tell you this, he can be very stubborn sometimes but I will tell you how to handle him. Whenever he is angry, he will either scream or he will keep mute. The best way to handle him at this time is to leave him alone. I promise you it won’t take long, he will be in your arms again.

Before I forget, he loves watching football! He can watch football all day. I know you love watching African magic or telemundo. I will leave the two of you to sort that out but I advice you both learn what each person like and like it too.

Do you know what? He always forgot to switch the light off when he is tired. That means you may be the one switching off the light, I did that every time.

My daughter, I want you to enjoy your marriage because I enjoyed mine Even though I lost my husband early but I won’t compare the years I spent with him to anything. I will only visit when am needed. You will have no problem with me. Don’t forget to call me if you have problem using the gas cooker beside the dish washer, it can be difficult to operate some times.

Enjoy your marriage my daughter and be a mother, lover and friend to my son.

Take note: This post is written by Mfon Abel Ekene (People call me these days ‘Abel Abel’). I am not married but this post is written from believe on how Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship should be. the post is fiction

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Written by mfonabel

Mfon Abel Ekene is a widely published blog scientist, writer and speaker. Started blogging in 2008 and has been featured in numerous international platforms. His blog Abel Abel is currently one of the most read blog in Africa.


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Life explained in tears. Now its true, Tears speak feelings and lessons


abel, tears always have greater meanings so please dont stop posting lessons to learn. thanx.

anuoluwapo abayomi

Lovely advice, kudos to the mother in-law and kudos to abelable!!!


Awww! Thank you!

opio michael
opio michael

Wonderful and mature advice


wonderful piece of advice#really enjoyed reading#

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