To All Those Who Are Searching For Love…. This Is For You

One day you are going to meet someone who will make you forget all the pains you have had in your old relationships, who will make you happy, who will care about you and love you genuinely just the way you are, who will be happy and proud to have you, who will be ready for a serious relationship with you, who will bear and deal with all your weaknesses and imperfections, who will be afraid of hurting and losing you, who won’t use your past against you, and who will be everything to you.

I know this may sound like a lie or dream to you, but believe me someday you will find that special person who will be only for you.

But, watch your demands and attitude towards them, so you do not send your happiness packing with ignorance. Just a warning.

I love you all.

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Written by Abel Abel

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