This Picture was taken minutes before terrorist struck and kill 89 among these people

The pictures are clear enough to pick out individual faces in the crowd, some of whom were among the 89 victims slaughtered at the Bataclan Concert Hall in a night of terror in Paris on Friday. Some fans can been seen making the horn hand gesture that is popular within the heavy metal culture. Others are smiling for the camera, raising their glasses or simply enjoying the music.

The pictures are understood to have been taken just a few minutes before three gunmen burst into the venue at 9.40pm (8.40pm GMT) as the Californian band Eagles Of Death Metal (top right) were launching into one of their favourites, Kiss The Devil. Some thought they were part of the spectacle. But it quickly became a scene of horror as the militants mercilessly gunned down their victims one by one, even targeting people in wheelchairs. Shocking pictures later emerged showing bodies littered across the floor) bottom right) where those happy fans had once stood.

Source: Daily Mail UK.

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