Me And My Mirror

Loneliness has thought me so much in life , I’ve been a Lone Ranger for so long and I’ve learned to stand by myself when no one stood by me, I take myself to the mirror several times and cry to the Me in the mirror vowing never to repeat any sin I committed in the past, the next day when I read in the news what “they” write about me, and pass to hear what “they” say about me, It hurts, the pains go deeper than a razor cut, yet I feel joy and satisfaction in my inner heart because in my lonely State I had erased my past, I had forgiven myself of what “they” can’t forget or forgive me for, and I had vowed never to repeat my mistakes.

I am still a smiling Lone Ranger, a very happy lonely man, there is another world for us “lonely people”, our greatest partner is our mirror, we look at ourselves in the mirror daily and answer questions from the “man in the mirror”, lonely people are great readers, we read ourselves more than we read books yet we read books more than others, Lonely people are conscious in the crowd, they pay attention to everyone and take back details of what the see in the crowd to the mirror in their room.

Thought by my loneliness, I am a better man. We are not proud to be Lonely, we can’t help it, soon we won’t be lonely anymore but until then, we will keep our mirror and learn daily.

Written by a friend and contributor of Abel Abel, Moses Eskor. Click here to follow Moses Eskor on facebook

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Written by Abel Abel

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