Man Rapes A 4-Year-Old Girl Who Went To Watch Movie In His House

Emmanuel Umanah, 21, has been arrested for raping a little girl of four years at his one-room apartment on Opeoluwa Street, Mosafejo-Amukoko area of Ajegunle, Lagos Nigeria. The grandmother of the girl reported the case to the police.

This is what the grandmother told the police “After preparing food, I did not see my grandchild who I was calling to come and eat. I was still searching for her when a little girl about her age told me she was in Umanah’s apartment watching a film. I knocked but nobody answered. So, I pushed the door open and behold my grandchild was naked and her body covered up with semen. I raised an alarm immediately and with the help of other neighbours, my daughter was taken to the hospital.”

Vanguard reported that medical test conducted in a nearby hospital (names withheld) confirmed that the victim was raped as she had bruises and semen in her private part.

Suspect’s account

The suspect, a native of Akwa-Ibom State, told Vanguard; “I live at No 6, Opeoluwa Street, Mosafejo -Amukoko area of Ajegunle. I am 21-years old. I work at a factory located around Mile 2. I live alone because I am not married. I was inside my room watching a film when two little girls came into my apartment. Later, one of them left. I did not know she had gone to tell the victim’s grandmother that I was touching her. It was the grandmother of the victim that caught me while calling her to come and eat when they found her inside my room. That was the first time I was doing such and I was caught. I only released on her laps but the test carried out by the hospital said the victim had bruises and semen in her virginal.”

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