Kenyan Legslator Post Half-Naked Photo On Facebook, Spark Public Fury

Just days after the exposure of shocking photos of his underage children playing with a gun, another controversial photo of Embakasi West MP George Theuri has surfaced on social media.

This time round its a picture of the semi-naked MP locked in a tight embrace with his fully clothed wife Cynthia Gitonga.

And just like he did with the photos of his children, Theuri promptly deleted the picture that shows him in a bare-chested posture. But not before it went viral on social media.

Kenyans on Facebook immediately vented out at the MP while asking him why as a public servant and a role model to many he should behave in such a way.

Jamila Jay asked: “Seriously Kenyans, you actually find it ok for your Member of Parliament to post half nude photos in a public forum? Where did our morals disappear to?”

Mwangi J Gachuki opined: “Someone has bewitched this Embakasi MP. And the witchdoctor is actually dead and buried. Now I understand when Ruto said (sic) that Kenya kuna shortage ya watu wajinga.”

Nairobi News

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