In The Lonely hour…

I was so alone… So I decided to talk a walk.

Everywhere was dark, it was about 10pm. I walked for 10 minutes and then I sat beside the road.

As I watch the cars pass by… I wonder if the woman that will someday be my wife is inside one of them…

I also wonder if she is in this country… Is She in South Africa? Jamaica? America? China?, Togo? where?

Then I said to myself ‘If only I can just see her face’ So I close my eyes and tried to imagine but my brain saw nothing. I laughed at myself….

Suddenly I heard the sound of thunder, I wondered if a bomb was exploding. Before I knew it, it was raining.

So I started to run towards home.

As I run…

The Thunder was stronger

The rain was bigger… I was getting weight!

Why me?

Just then I hit something and fell down.

I was weak… I couldn’t stand. Then I touched my knee, I was bleeding.

I could feel my soul leaving my body… I could hear hymns on the other side. I was helpless, where am i going?

Just the I heard a beautiful voice. She said ‘Mfon, Sorry I took so long but am here now’

At the sound of her voice my pains flee. She touched my knee and I stopped bleeding. The sound of the thunder was fading and I didn’t notice if the rain was falling anymore.

My heart was beating, I have found the one!

I still could not see her face! I was waiting for the lightening of the thunder to come, So I can see the face of the angel sent from of above. My own Angel!

Just then, My phone was ringing.

It was my brother ‘Mfon come and open the gate, I am outside’.

I woke up, so it was a dream?

What do you think of my dream dearest readers?

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