I Want to List 100 Things I Love About My Woman

A guy shared this on EP. So I thought I should share it with you all too.

1. Her eyes.

2. Her smile.

3. The way she is oblivous to the world.

4. The fact she knows just what to say and when to say it.

5. Her smile.

6. Her singing.

7. Her excuses for such simple things.

8. Her honesty.

9. Her radiant beauty.

10. How cute she looks hugging a teddy bear.

11. Her ability to make me smile.

12. The way she can read me even though no one else can.

13. Her inability to admit she is falling for me even more.

14. The way she makes me fall in love even deeper than the day before.

15. Her insecurity about the fact that she is beautiful.

16. THe way I feel just by seeing her picture.

17. The fact I’d do anything for her.

18. How she keeps me waiting.

19. How she makes me feel emotions like never before.

20. How we act around each other.

21. How she’d catch me up when I’m falling deeper into the abyss.

22. The way she makes me do things I’ve never done before.

23. The way I’m so lovestruck I cut myself with my shapest knife while cutting bread.

24. How she embarrasses me by tranlating the things I can’t express in english.

25. How her smile says hey I suck at smiling so this’ll creep you out.

26. How she saw past my clever farse.

27. How she taunts me with my weakness to cuteness.

28. How she would tackle me just to get the last chocolate bar.

29. How she seems to know what I’m thinking.

30. How she is like me only with a vagina. lol

31. How she can infuriate me to the point where I just want to love her to death.

32. Her enthusiam that barely exists.

33. Her voice.

34. Her laugh.

35. Her dark brown hair. ITS NOT BLACK DAMMIT!!!!

36. The things her eyes say about her.

37. The way she will tackle the mailman if he had something she wanted.

38. The way she reacts when I tell her I WILL marry her one day.

39. The future we have together.

40. The way she accepts me no matter what.

41. The fact that she is amused by the things bad puns I make that everyone else hate.

42. Her girly side.

43. Her pink sweater. work it girl ; }

44. The way I make her act.

45. The fact that she loves my cheesyness.

46. How she’ll never admit her feelings without you telling them to her.

47. How she can read me like a book. wich no one else can.

48. How she got up to 50 and so will I.

49. How I can’t put all of the things I love about her into words.

50. How she will pick fight instead of flight.

Have you ever thought of making a list of what you love about your partner? If you have then send it to us so we can share it with others.

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