I Want to Find My Soulmate

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A Girl shared this n EP. Check it out..

I think a soulmate means when your heart dont feel like dancing no more , they will be there to give you their heart when you loose that happy feeling, they will be there to lift your spirits high when there is no one you can turn too, they will be right there by your side , someone where you can take that weight off your shoulders, they will be there to help you breathe and relax when you are tired and feel you cant cope with anything no more, they will be there to let you rest your head on there’s and hold your hand through it all, when you heart is hurting and crushed into a million peices and tears are spilling onto the ground, they will be there to catch your tears – pick up the peices and help you heal your heart, when you have lost sight of what is around you they will be your guide to re-capture the world and life.

Your soulmate will be the one who sees your soul and you beauty inwards as well as outwards , thats my definition of a soul mate, God only knows if its written in the stars and galaxy’s for me or anyone
Or if that exsists but ii believe the right human can love its other half to that extent if they are in love.
If I find him then yeh great. If not then in heaven I shall meet him. Im happy alone

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