How To Turn From Nobody To Somebody

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“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

William Shakespeare, As You Like It

Centuries have passed. These lines from Shakespeare are as important now as they were when he had written them. Every infant born in this world has a part to play; some play it better and are remembered for their great performances for centuries to come while others are who merely perform because they have the obligation to do so are the ones who become one in the huge crowd of side artists whose entry and exit goes unnoticed.

What is your pick? Do you want to lead a normal, regular life just as any Tom, Dick or Harry did or do you want to make a mark? Do you want to make yourself a known entity, by becoming the most known face in your neighborhood, your social circle or your professional circle ? Have you assumed that this is not possible and already have given up all hopes before even trying? This is simply not done. Nothing is impossible, you just need to know some basic tricks, implement them and see the difference. So, are you ready to learn the tricks? Let’s get started:

Communicate: It doesn’t cost a penny to stay connected, just a little bit of effort. You can utilise the time which you would otherwise be spending to see a useless dramatic daily soap on television or catching on with an extra hour of forced sleep for this purpose. Smita Chandra totally agrees. She has been married for the last thirteen years and had a ten year old boy.

Till the time he was young, she never thought of doing something on her own but now he is busy in his own life and is capable of looking after himself. Chandra recently started a business selling basic household products and has been pretty successful.

She gives all the credit of her success to her connections (not with the underworld), she made it a point to be friendly with her neighbours and the families of her husband’s colleagues. Even if you are a professional it is a good idea stay connected with the colleagues and the boss of your previous organisations, you never know which channel will fetch you an unbelievably great opportunity in future.

Develop “that unique something”: Having that something which nobody else has really gets you noticed. That unique thing can be in the form of the way you talk, dress, a special kind of a gesture or anything else.

Not necessarily should it be better than the others, just different. Shabana Azmi has that and so does Nandita Das, Smita Patil again can’t be forgotten. They did not have the conventional Indian beauty but they groomed themselves in a style very different from the other run of the mill pan cake painted beauties and it surely paid off.

They have made a class of their own. Yashowardhan Birla is known for his funky style but then you can’t forget President Kalam’s unique hairstyle. Create some style which will make you a part of the unique brigade as uniqueness sells.

Create your own path: Following the familiar routes as the common masses can only take you till a certain point. If you want to achieve greater heights and reach unknown destinations you have to create your own path. There surely is a lot of risk involved in taking the unknown path but then it is a risk worth taking.

You might fail in the process but you might also succeed. Narayan Murthy is the perfect example in this context. Having completed his M Tech from IIT Kanpur took up a job in Paris, came to India taking up another job.

In 1981 Murthy founded Infosys Technologies along with six software professionals. In March 1999, Infosys became the first India-registered company to be listed on an American stock exchange. Today he is given the credit of placing India in a very strong position on the Global IT map. If he had not taken the risk of creating his own organisation today he would have had been working in some good organisation on a very senior position but his success would nowhere be close to what it is now.

Gain Expertise: Have you seen the recent Bollywood flick “Home Delivery?” The movie did not do very well at the box office but the central character aka “Gyan Guru” played by Vivek Oberoi cannot go unnoticed. Opinion is always in demand. If you can mould yourself as an opinion provider many people will look up to you.

The mantra is to become a pro on any subject. If you are a professional try to become the best in your field. Have some trait that is exclusive to you, it’ll place you on a different ground away from the crowd of generic idiots.

Create a reputation: Creating a reputation amongst the general public helps. It shouldn’t always be on the positive side. Your name can be synonymous to that of a good person or a bad one. We are here talking about how to become a somebody to a nobody, that somebody can be a Dawood Ibrahim who is amongst the top names in all the most wanted lists or a simple Anna Hazare who is second name for rural development and people’s power in India. But please try to become someone like Hazare and not Dawood.

Select the correct partner: A correct partner can do wonders for your reputation. Gauri Khan, the pretty wife of Shahrukh Khan is known for throwing great parties. It surely helps Shah Rukh maintain a warm relation with the industry people. Salman Rushdie’s name makes you think of his beautiful and talented wife Padma Laxmi. She surely adds to Rushdie’s class. Sudha Murthy, the better half of Narayan Murthy again is a good example of being the correct partner. So, while selecting your partner for life lookout for a special something which that person has the ability to complement your personality.

Get money: The power of money remain unquestioned in today’s materialistic society. The more you have the more successful you are considered. The obsession has gone to such an extent that people no longer bother to think about the sources from which the other person has earned money. He has it and that is the only information needed.

There is nothing like walking into a place and saying, “I need to spend a lot of money,” to get you noticed. Bharat Shah was sent to judicial custody as a result of earning money through wrong practices; he is out now and still holds a very important place all the parties of the movie circuit. His image was not at all shaken that episode as he has loads of money and is the main financer of most of the Bollywood movies.

The big move: Making a big move can do wonders for you, you can’t instantly become the most sought out person from a simple nobody. It can be in the form of a big merger or maybe a very strong speech or anything of this nature. But just don’t make a big wrong move as Uma Bharti did, it can finish you off. Think and plan properly before taking that big crucial step.

Achieve power: This is the most obvious way of becoming a somebody but achieving power is not an easy task. Mukesh and Anil Ambani were lucky to have a father like Dhirubhai Ambani. They inherited power from their father. But the making of Dhirubahi was not easy, he went through lots of ups and downs to reach where he did at the end of it all.

Power can come in different forms maybe as the head of your family, secretary of your society, or the being at the top most level of your organisation to name a few. It is tough to gain power but not impossible, you just need to keep moving with proper determination and focus.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. There is one on a million chance of being born great, if you are so lucky nothing like it. Greatness being thrust upon you in today’s highly competitive environment is next to impossible, people here are ready to snatch what you have, chances of them giving away so much to you is simply not possible.

This leaves you with only one option; achieve greatness on your own. Follow these tips and add some of your own to move towards to becoming a somebody. Hope your journey is successful and we all identify you easily in the coming times.

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