Facebook Says It Activates “Safety Check” After Yesterday Bombing In Nigeria

After heavy criticism from Africans and the black community, facebook have finally shown concern for terror issues in Africa.

Africans have took to facebook and twitter to complain about facebook partiality in responding to terror attacks. They had complained that, when Nigeria and Kenya suffered massive terror attack, facebook never asked people to change their profile picture to a flag or offered people living in these places opportunity to mark themselves ‘safe’ so that their friends and family can easily see they were unaffected. But when the same terror attack happened in Paris, facebook were quick to ask people to change their profile picturess and the people in Paris were given a chance to mark themselves ‘safe’

However, facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg
Said the Social network yesterday offered Nigerians opportunity to mark themselves ‘safe’ after a bombing in a part of the country.

Here is what he posted on his facebook timeline;

We’ve activated Safety Check again after the bombing in Nigeria this evening.

After the Paris attacks last week, we made the decision to use Safety Check for more tragic events like this going forward. We’re now working quickly to develop criteria for the new policy and determine when and how this service can be most useful.

Unfortunately, these kinds of events are all too common, so I won’t post about all of them. A loss of human life anywhere is a tragedy, and we’re committed to doing our part to help people in more of these situations.

In times like this, it’s important to remind ourselves that despite the alarming frequency of these terrible events, violence is actually at an all-time low in history and continues to decline.

Deaths from war are lower than ever, murder rates are generally dropping around the world, and — although it’s hard to believe — even terrorist attacks are declining.

Please don’t let a small minority of extremists make you pessimistic about our future.

Every member of our community spreads empathy and understanding on a daily basis. We are all connecting the world together. And if we all do our part, then one day there may no longer be attacks like this.



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