Do You Feel You Are Not Smart?

I promise you that you’re smart.

Think about this, you’re so smart that you turned on your computer or phone, logged into the operating system and that means you remembered not only the password but also your username. You then opened up a browser, visited facebook, logged into it as well, you also visited

That in itself is a sign of high intelligence. So good news is you’re smart.

Don’t give up on your intelligence. You might not be as smart as you’d like to be right now, but you can still continue to grow.

What I recommend:

1.) Read/listen to self-improvement books.

2.) Next figure out what you want to do. Not for the money but for the joy in doing it.

3.) Learn and do whatever it takes to get to your goal.


Thomas Edison was kicked out of school after 3 months cause he did poorly.

Henry Ford had no formal education. He didn’t even know how to read.

Charles Schawb was dyslexic.

But their genius was in the ability to take what little they had and make the most of it. I urge you to do the same.

Written as a reply by Ashum Sidher on QUora

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