Do Not Marry Him Or Her Just Because Of These 20 Reasons…

Everyone wants to be happy! We want to love and be loved in return. It will be wonderful to get married and have a beautiful home with wonderful children and a loving husband or wife. But not everyone that is married is happy because some got married for the wrong reason. When marriage go wrong, it can break anyone down, feelings of hopelessness and depression may take over. Here is a list, do not marry because of these reasons….

1. Do not marry just because you are educated. Marriage is another school on its own that is very different from all education .

2. Do not marry just because everyone say you should be married. They won’t be there after the party. Yes, after the wedding they all go to their home.

3. Do not marry just because of money. Money is good but it won’t buy you happiness

4. Do not marry just because of beauty. Chances are that you may meet people that are more beautiful after the marriage or that beautiful may fade.

5. Do not marry just because you are getting old. It is not about your time, it is about God’s time

6. Do not marry just because you are lonely. Some are married and still lonely

7. Do not marry just because all your friends are getting married. No one is the same, everyone has different destiny and time

8. Do not marry just because of sex. One round of sex only last for 15 minute, after that, what next?

9. Do not marry just because you feel you should be married. Marriage is more than feelings. Feelings come and go.

10. Do not marry because you want to please your parent. They won’t live with you.

11. Do not marry just because you see people who are happily married. You may see their s iles but you don’t know their stories.

12. Do not marry just because you like to like to wear wedding gown or suit. After that day, you will pull it off.

13. Do not marry just because you dont want to hurt him or her. You may end up hurting two of you.

14. Do not marry just because you have a house. Even the house was built by people, it can’t build a marriage

15. Do not marry just because you think you can afford the wedding and party. Party and wedding is good but am sorry, wedding is not marriage. Marriage is about people not ceremony.

16. Do not marry just because you think you are ripe enough. The people in broken marriage once think they were ripe enough.

17. Do not marry just because you promise to marry him or her. A broken promise is better than a broken marriage. Meanwhile, never promise anyone marriage. You never know what tomorrow bring. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

18. Do not marry just you want to have Mr. or Mrs. in your name. It is more than that!

19. Do not marry just because you need a favour. After the favvour what next?

20. Do not marry because you have infatuation on person. Infatuation is like a mask it will fall off!

Follow up: I will be writing soon on some reason why you should get married.

Take note: This post is written by Mfon Abel Ekene (People call me these days ‘Abel Abel’). I am not married but this is common sense. Like they say, common sense is not common.

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