Dear Abel Abel, Please I Need An Urgent Advice.

im going out with a guy who keeps lots of female friends. I dont know how he treats them though, but they call him at awkward hours. we’ve dated for 5yrs and this has always been an issue. Even when i am with him you will see them call him several times. wen i complain about it it becomes an issue. He can go a week to a month without calling me. When he feels okay then he becomes normal. I feel im in the wrong relatnshp cos his attitude makesme scared of my future with him. I feel my approach to issues makes him behave that way. I need a serious advice. this is the only issue we always fyt over and it has created a whole lot of issues. Can u pls advice me. Cos im fading out. Thinking has become my food. Its always diff ladies. Some on facebook others at his work place. Is it that im being too over protective? If so then i do i stop that?. Pls help me

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