Crazy World: A Daughter Sentenced To Death For Killing Parents In Dhaka

A Dhaka court on Thursday sentenced a 20-year-old girl to death for killing her parents two years ago, officials said.

Judge Sayeed Ahmed handed down the verdict against Oishee Rahman for killing her police officer father Mahfuzur Rahman and mother Swapna Rahman in August 2013, prosecutor Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman said.

The court also sentenced one of her friends to two years in prison for her role in the murder.

Investigators said Oishee Rahman served sedative-laced coffee to her parents before stabbing them in their home in Dhaka’s central Malibagh area.

Police recovered the couple’s bodies two days later, and their daughter surrendered at the police station the day after that.

Defence lawyer Faruk Ahmed said his client would challenge the verdict in a higher court.

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