Are You Having Problems In Your Relationship? This May Just Be The Solution!

Well, you met this guy, he approached you but you didn’t give him much attention. The next day you saw him right in front of your house as you were going out, still you refuse to look at him. He keeps on coming to you until you finally let your guard down, you exchange numbers with him and he calls you every day! He will call and text you in the morning and at night. Then you fall in love, He ask you for a relationship and you accepted. The first month things were working fine then suddenly he changed! He no longer calls! He no longer text. You call him and he wouldn’t answer. You keep wondering why?

Sound familiar?

I have received few messages, mostly from ladies having problems in their relationship. The surprising thing is that all of them have almost similar problem. They are not getting enough attention they deserve.

Yes, Attention is very important in a relationship. It will make you feel loved and accepted. You will feel very important when you get all the attention from the one you love. It can also boost your self-esteem and make you more confident.

But what do you do when you are not getting enough attention?

Well, if you have tried every other thing without success, then here is one thing you should try…

Leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes, when a guy meets a lady he is attracted to, he starts admiring her in his mind. He will wish she was his and then he will fear she might be too much for him. Maybe he finally finds confident and talks to her. She act tough but finally agrees. As they date, these girl that was once challenging becomes less challenging, she becomes too available.

He becomes too confident of himself. He thought she was untouchable but now she is touchable. He began to notice all the things he never noticed before. At this point he begins to redraw. In his mind, he feels like the girl is too attached to him, she won’t let him go.

Now, at this point, if the girl keeps clinging to him, his mind will draw far away. The more she tries to cling to him, the more he is moving away. The more she calls, the more he ignores. There is nothing she will say to him that will change is mind.

Then What is the best thing to do?

The best thing is leaving him alone. That is the only option of having him back or at least saving yourself some headache.

If you leave him alone, he will gradually feel ‘so this girl was not into me after all. I left her and she is not begging me. What? I need to talk to her.’ Then he starts coming back. Sometimes he may not come back but you move on and be happy!

This is like your smart phone. When you bought it new, remember how you cherish it? You won’t let anyone touch it, you are always careful so it won’t fall but as it gets old, you do with it as you please.

But if that phone gets spoilt and you have so much contact inside, you will suddenly realize its important and start looking for way to fix it? Right?

That is applicable here.

Again this can also be vice versa. It could be the lady acting the other way and the guy the other way.

This recommendation may fix your relationship problem or it may not but at least it will save you all the stress and boost your dignity.

Let me know what you think in the comment.

Take note: This post is written by Mfon Abel Ekene (People call me these days ‘Abel Abel’). This is my sincere advice to singls who may be going through problems in there relationship. Never give up on love! I am single like you, I believe in love so you should too!

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