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    The Ultimate DESTROYER Of Relationships That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

    By Your Tango It’s traumatizing and debilitating. What is stonewalling? Stonewalling is the avoidance of communicating feelings or discussing problems with the other person in the relationship. It is a term used for the avoidance of communication to avoid conflict or convey feelings. It also implies that a person has emotionally shut down, leaving the […] More

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    A Couple’s Guide To Complaining

    By Jon Beaty My wife Tami felt angry . “All you do after you get home from work and eat dinner is sit on the couch. Why can’t we talk, or take a walk together, or do both?” Couples will always have complaints about each other. Unfortunately, instead of expressing their complaints, they resort to […] More

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    The 7 Secrets of Real Lasting Love

    I’ve been a sex, love, and relationship counselor for more than 40 years. I’ll admit that I’ve been following the advice to “teach what you want to learn.” Like most everyone I know, we’ve all got a lot to learn about love. Our love maps are ingrained in our psyches based on our parent’s experiences […] More

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    Two Words That Are Getting in the Way of Your Happiness

    When people talk about why they aren’t happy, they usually can quickly tick off a list of things. They talk about a job that is going nowhere, overwhelming financial debt, complicated relationships that are stressing them out, or being unhappy with where they are living. When asked to describe what they could change to be […] More

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