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Someone has to disagree with the Governor, Why not me?

“A good athlete does not begin to run with money in his pocket but with hope in his heart and dreams in his head.” – Udom Emmanuel.

We are living in an insane time, thanks to politics, everything is seriously out of order. From the way we do things to the way we perceive thing, it’s very easy to conclude that, in our World, who you know matter more than what you know.

I recently interacted with the self-acclaimed Nigeria first minister of sadness, as a graduate too who has carried a brown envelop like him, I share in his pains and the pains of millions of Nigerians graduate roaming around the street in search of solution to the societal class problem. This problem that has created a serious gap between those we see as the rich people, those the society classify as the poor people, the real rich people and those who choose to accept the elated title from the association of the poor people.

Talking about association, I read in the news the other day that “the association of Akwa Ibom State unemployed graduate Worldwide has openly endorsed, His excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel for a second term even when we are still in 2017, while this is somehow laughable, it is a call for action and I believe we as a people has a role to play to salvage our collective future. Thanks to politics we have seen so many people coming together with strange name, strange motive and strange ideology to achieve strange aims.

Not surprisingly, the race for 2019 is already on and our Governor is not hiding his desire to continue till 2023 even when 2019 is still far way. Someone must call the Governor to order, someone has to warn all these political sycophants who are scouting for one political favour or another to stop deceiving the Governor with their coated dose of endorsement, someone has to remind those who are proud to be called the rubber stamp of the Governor to wake up and do their jobs, someone has to remind all those who called themselves social media e-rats to consider wearing the clothe of democracy and think about promoting what the Governor has done not to attack all Tom and Jerry that is bold enough to express their opinion on issues of national important.

Thanks to history and the new media, our tomorrow will never forget our struggle and the trials of today. Someone must disagree with Governor, why not me? why not you? The problem we have with our political system is that we have so many sycophants than real patriotic people. Its helps if you can take a stand and use your voice to help build a better tomorrow, than help destroy it by your sycophancy, the Governor need ideas not all this senseless I support and  I concur, Let’s think twice.

Written by Abel Udoekene

Abel Udoekene jnr is a fisherman by day, a blogger by night, a Social Media strategist, Writer, Children Ambassador, COO at Inspiration Africa.

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