Don’t be a one night stand, You are better than that, read this

We accept the love we think we deserve.
— Stephen Chbosky

I don’t want you to be a one night stand. I just want you to be the perfect love story that others will want to follow.
I don’t want you to to be desperate for love. I want love to become you.
i don’t want you to be just a game station of someone, I want you to be their heartbeats, their life and their success story.

There is nothing romantic about a one night stand,
you put it in, you pull it out and you become exhausted.
Don’t allow them to touch you if they don’t cherish you,
Don’t allow them to kiss you if they don’t value you,
Don’t open up yourself to a total stranger,
if they see you just as a sex object.

Cherish those who fall in love not those who want to fall in bed with you.
You are not a sex slave, don’t act as one.

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